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  1. Yes, I believe so. Personal Geodatabase should be what you are looking for. Create a personal geodatabase, it will have a .mdb extension. You can then put feature classes, tables inside of the personal geodatabase. You should be able to open the personal geodatabse in MS Access as well and put in additional tables. Be aware that this sort of database have its limit, i.e. storage size, only one viewers or editor at a time, etcs.
  2. I think for things dealing with geodatabases, SDE and RDBMS, you would have to use the backward slash \ .
  3. did any error come up, if it did what does it say? Also try to put your path with a \ instead of /
  4. What if you select 100k polygons and merge that, then merge the next 100k and so on. Then you do a final merge of the 10 big polygons that you have into one. Instead of merging it all into one from a million.
  5. well that sux. I'm just beginning to start learning to develop in Earth API.
  6. geocentric

    ArcGIS 10.x

    Yes, you can install ArcGIS for Desktop and Server on the same machine and run it both at the same time. Just keep your eyes out for the RAM, as ArcGIS for Server going to eat up a chunk of memory. Below is the link to some tutorial for ArcGIS for Server and building Web applications. Good luck! http://www.gisarea.com/topic/5121-packtpub-building-web-applications-with-arcgis/
  7. ok, thanks but that's just 10.3. Maybe a few versions down the road somewhere, 5 to 8 years?
  8. A few months back, I've someone mention that ESRI might be moving away from ArcObject, as in might deprecate ArcObject. Could ArcPy take over since it is growing fast? Have any of you guys hearing these kind of rumors, is there any truth to this? I like to hear what you think.
  9. Hello All, Is there any Google Earth Development tutorial? Maybe tutorial in developing KML or KMZ file? I've searched on this forum, but can't seem to find the answer. Thanks,
  10. I create a .txt file and rename it " keycodes.ecp " , but when I tried to browse to and authorize its not recognizing it. It still show " keycodes.txt " . Looks like I need some help with the .ecp file. thanks,
  11. Hey guys, I'm having trouble installing ArcGIS Server 10.1 sp1. When it finished, I tried looking for C:/Program Files/ESRI/License folder so I can put in the .ecp file, but the folder doesn't exist. Any advice on installing ArcGIS Server 10.1 sp1? Thanks,
  12. Yep! I think you're right. I've seen first hand demo from Esri, and pretty certain that this is the 64bit version that we have all been asking for. And pretty certain that Pro will eventually replaced ArcMap
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