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  1. I took a map from a report, exported it as a PNG, and georeferenced it in arcmap. I'm trying to combine this with a geologic map polygon shape file so that only the geologic map that lies within the georeferenced map will be there. I've tried spatially joining the files, but it does not give the PNG as an option. I've also tried exporting the georeferenced map to save it as a different type of file, but it is a strange shape, and it gets made into a rectangle with grey filling in around the edges. I'm a new user, so I'm probably just missing something simple.
  2. I found DEMs as tar files at http://geogdata.csun.edu/az_index.html but also cannot get tar files to open in ArcMap. Does anyone know how to import tar files?
  3. I've downloaded topographic maps as GeoPDFs from the USGS, but I can't seem to upload them into ArcMap. Can you upload a GeoPDF into ArcMap? If not does anyone have any suggestions for other sources of topo/DEM data?
  4. I'm a new user of ArcGIS (just started this week), I have two shape files, one is a set of polygons making up a geologic map of an area. The other is a set of latitude and longitude points with associated geochemistry. I want to combine both files so that I will have a set of points that will also tell me what polygon they lie within in the attributes table. I then want to be able to export the attributes out to excel. So far I've tried combining the files with both merge and union, but because one is a point, and the other is a polygon I haven't had success. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please feel free to ask for any additional details, like I said I'm extremely new at this.
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