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  1. is it possible to do classification after pan sharpening? I think that it is wrong. One can do only visual interpretation of that image.
  2. now we can move on to the Mars to make it polluted
  3. u should use MODIS conversion kit for ENVI 5.x. this tool automatically convert DN into Kelvin.
  4. if u r using envi or erdas for LU/LC classification, try to check the accuracy of the classified results. ENVI image analysis tool is the best plug in for ARCGIS 10.x.
  5. u need not to do orthorectification for Landsat 8 OLI images. becoz these images are rectified by the USGS.
  6. Hey folks!! u can perform atmospheric correct of Landsat 8 images in Envi Classic. One has to first convert landsat 8 bands into Envi format. after that, one can perform TOA radiance calibration using apply gain and offset values that are manually fed into windows from Meta data. Same way, TOA reflectance can be calculated directly. cheers!!
  7. see this..http://exelis.http.internapcdn.net/exelis/video/2013-11-06%2012.00%20The%20ENVI%20Rapid%20Learning%20Series.wmv
  8. i am still using ARCVIEW GIS 3.3 and arcgis9.3.
  9. Hey Guys!! If u have samples of emissivity from around 12 or 15 NDVI values then u can make a scatter plot and fit the regression line ... and type the regression equation in ENVI band math...
  10. Dear HTC!! You should first do atmospheric correction of your satellite image using Envi FLAASH or ERDAS ATCOR module.TOA radiance or reflectance would also serve ur purpose. But for getting accurate values of NDVI, you should use reflectance image calibrated by FLAASH module. if U r using ENVI for NDVI calculation using reflectance image.. u should just write the NDVI formula in Band math as: (((float(b1)-float(b2))/(float(b1)+float(b2)))) where, b1 denotes NIR and b2 represents Red band.
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