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  1. Et geo is a very good tool, I got angle from nearest line and i snapped all points to another line buffered with an exact position from the road ( 10 points 1:1500) some manual calculation was needed because 10 points distance from road to bottom of text, not centered as the annotation was created, All goood? No, Arcmap cannot create center-center annotations and if i change them afterwards they moves, workaround from line ( create annotations above line and then change it afterwards, works great) but for points this solution does not work. so I wonder, Can I snap annotation to point (after i changed anno to center center) with some third party tool? you can snap everything except annotation, really annoying, because I now there is an anchor point on annotations aswell. the problem with baseline annotations is when exported to illustrator and of course when you edit them with curve tool, greetings one solution is to claculate x,y values and then change to center vertical alignment and then recalculate the x,y value, but how to do that?
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