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  1. I am new in designing and also using photoshop. Your work is great for me because you make me caurage that photoshop is a very powerfull tool in which i also can made almost all type to designs. Also i want to thank you because your images i used in my website which is my project by university.
  2. First of all i say thanks to you because you have shared an amazing thing. I am working on an application now a days which is related to maps and i want some icons for indications so here you solve my problem.
  3. Akmark

    GIS Jokes

    The map you pasted here is the best joke according to the conditions. Here i want to share my opinion that whatever is written on the map its each single word is ture. Some times peoples cant undersatnd the straight things so when they saw such kind of things than they realized what is the fact.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new here in this forum. I always like to explore new things and I found this forum just two days before and I got a lot of information then I decide to join this forum. I think such forums are really nice platform for getting and sharing new ideas and thoughts. I hope I'll learn more through this forum so thanks in advance.
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