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  1. Good day everyone, I face a problem when i try to segment an image by using a vector file (.shp). I get "rasterizing vector layer" message wich gives me an estimated time of process completion around 1500-3000 minutes. More specificaly, I create a project and i import: 1) a geotiff image (converted ASAR) 2) a coeastline shapefile (gshhg) After the project creation i get into ruleset development and i try to segment the image by using chessboard type segmentation (5x5) with thematic layer usage. The massege i get when i execute the segmentation process is "Rasterizing Vector Layer...
  2. Hi, I guess I could give it a try, without any promisses as I've never Beta tested anything. Regards C.
  3. thanks for the answer peralta :-) What i mean: is it possible to open and process asar data directly from IDL interface, without using ENVI or SARScape etc...just do it with commands ... I know it sounds a bit "sadistic", as you can have a wonderful software like sarscape to process data like ASAR! But I'm interest to create my own scripts for specific image processes like calibration or normalisation, as i have created new methods for these processes.
  4. Good day, I was wondering if anyone has already try to process and analyse Advance Synthetic Aperture Radar data directly from IDL v8 ? Do you use any specific tutorial or knowledge base for ASAR analysis and/or processing directly from IDL?
  5. Hi everyone! I, recently, discovered this forum and I'm very excited with its existence. I'm undergraduate student in Marine Sciences, and the last year I'm working on my final year project. I'm lucky enaught to discover GISAREA! Cheers!
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