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  1. Map2Net, your GIS Web companion, facelifts with a new website and features for your specific needs! Map2Net took into account the needs of "Enterprise" users in this new version and proposes new features: • Management of user accounts within the same organization, • Sharing maps and data with colleagues, • Preprogrammed symbol sets to allow you to better represent your "point" layers, • Import points of interest in CSV format. In addition, the new website www.map2net.com/index_en.php assists you in your exploration and provides you with all the needed information to better understand the service. Also, a dedicated video page of each feature is available. Recently selected by the French Post Office, Map2Net is now part of the great geographic information systems. Attention! Some things do not change: Map2Net, it is still at reasonable price, without the need for specific training. Map2Net is also a library of maps and data, often for free. Map2Net is finally a grip almost immediately.
  2. Almageo launches Map2Net ! Customize your own Geographic Information System with Map2Net. Based on "Cloud" technology, intuitive and collaborative Map2Net allows you to create your maps, import and visualize your data. For more information, go to : http://www.map2net.com !
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