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  1. Thanks rahman for your help. I had some papers similar with those and i already tried that software a month ago. Lately, i found that eCognition 8.7 had CART algorithm inside, so i dont need to use extra software to do decision tree analysis. But i still failed to do that in eCogintion. Btw, do you have DEM for eCogintion tutorial? I am happy to see
  2. Yes, i already used eCognition more than a year, but i didn't know that is CART algorithm built-in inside. I also had search a lot papers and tutorials about those but i didn't help much. Any solutions friends?
  3. Hello Friends, Currently, i have some researches about object classification. I am using ecogniton before, but i am hardly knowing how to use DEM as a thematic layer on that. How to add altitude information from DEM into our ruleset? Is there anything feature represent altiltude (DEM) ? I also want to use CART analysis as decision tree for choosing some features to split all my class. But, i dont know how to use it. I ask the author from paper i read, he told in ecognition 8, CART already built in so i dont need to use another software. Anyone can help me how to use that? Thanks for any help friend.

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