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  1. @group5e, thank you for the hint! The global mapper-QGIS-civil 3D/ 3D Nature workflow seems to be just what I was looking for.
  2. I see, thank you! Once I had a crash course on 3d visualisation with Autocad Civil 3D (the outcome was a set of wind turbines placed on the terrain). Although that time I think I was convinced with the results, but for some reason I didn't continue with the software. Now that you reminded me, I took a look on the official website and read a couple of opinions on it. Yes, it still seems convincing. However, I was wondering: Is Civil 3D also able to handle large set of points, like ArcGIS/ArcScene? Somewhere was stated that if one has Civil 3D and a strong workstation, he doesn't really need
  3. Hello everybody! I wanted to introduce myself officially. I am a hungarian landscape architect, living in Germany. Although, I am really interested in GIS, especially in 3D visualisation and interoperability with CAD, I have only limited experience so far. Anyway, I will seek the opportunity how to contribute.
  4. Thank you Lurker and rahmansunbeam! Considering your answers I will look more towards 3d modelling software. By the way do you have experience with Blender?
  5. Hi! In my case, I am interested in 3D visualisation of landscapes and digital terrain modeling.
I would put myself somewhere between a beginner and intermediate user, on the beginning of my career. I noticed that there is a "market gap" in my field when it comes to 3D GIS and interoperability with CAD, thats why I want to step towards it. I found the Esri trainings on 3D Analyst and a book called "Introduction to 3D data: Modeling with ArcGIS 3D Analyst and Google Earth". Although I'm wondering if there are more material available on this topic? Moreover, is ArcGIS sufficient at all, when i
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