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  1. I am researcher and I never think about this. Of course the specialties can be different and I imagine the most of you work in spatial things but not only that, more specifically in physical geography, I am geographer but work with social aspects. but if We see the main aspect in this topic We see a big, big problem if We are thinking in that; any cracked program you use to do the research, even the word processor, spreadsheet, unpacker, the operating system, must have the same relevance over research. If that is the situation no more research for us, because in some or a lot of cases maybe We can pay for license, but no buy shoes, food, water, etc for a time. For me that is nonsense, because the idea in research is find new knowledge, ideas, procedures and that is the significant We need to see. But if you think that is important, if you have a license or not and that is a requirement in Published standards, definitely yo can´t do research. And in that case try to write, calculate, execute the program and run the simulator, where is a licensed software, to meet the requirements that "System" claims, not the science (if this even is valid to) if you discover something new with or without license that is a discover and no matter if this was with a paid license or not, that is my opinion.
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