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  1. The data is free globally at 90 meters
  2. Is this the same data from Earth2Observe which uses the ECMWF data. If it is the following links below may help. http://www.earth2observe.eu/?page_id=5679 https://wci.earth2observe.eu/portal/? Not that I have used the data or its in potentially in the same format.
  3. Hi, HI have a netcdf file, and I am trying to choose the maximum value for each pixel over the length of the netCDF. Which software would you recommend and how easy is it to perform the task. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I don't know if the topic will fall under GIS or remote sensing, but I am trying to incorporate crop maps which are 10 KM resolution with 1KM crop land cover maps. How would I use remote sensing to identify the type of crop. Are there any steps involved. The GIS aspect would be able to disaggregate the data, if I have information on percentages for each 10 km cell. Would anyone have any suggestions on how this should be performed. Admin: I apologize if this topic falls under multiple forums, I just wasn't too sure where to post it. Thanks. Shaffiq
  5. Lurker, that is a good idea since there is the ability to run linux software on mac via the use of homebrew or other software. It might also be good to have links demonstrating on how to port the software.
  6. Hello, Does anyone know where one can obtain geospatial location of manufacturing companies and type of production. Thanks, Joe
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