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  1. install Arcgis License Service emg gampang-gampang susah .... Perlu trial and error Setelah install semua license dengan benar... buka "ArcGIS Administrator" isikan computer name sesuai nama komputer seperti gambar berikut: http://i1361.photobucket.com/albums/r661/sg2kilo/Capture_zps80539d7c.png semoga membantu
  2. ternyata udh ada yg posting... Utk Admin, silahkan posting ini dihapus. Thank u
  3. ini peta administrasi desa tahun berapa ya?
  4. Bunga Rampai Penginderaan Jauh =========================== download link berikut: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?ujnyibwex3poo8s
  5. gk bisa didownload. ifile.it udh migrasi ke filecloud.io udh free user tp keluar tulisan you need premium account to download this file. re-upload bos..
  6. Dear member, I've recently learn how to use GIS apps and its application in medicine and/or disease mapping. I already have ArcGIS Desktop v10, but i want to install ArcView v3.3 (i'm quite interest with its simple interface Is it possible to install ArcGIS v10 and ArcView v3.3 in the same machine? (My operating system is Windows 7 ultimate SP1 32bit)
  7. wow... its a first word when i've found this place. i'm sure this forum is the most complete gis forum i've found so far. thanks guys....
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