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  1. sorry its not clear to me....................return period i need more clarification.......give me a clear example......it would help me a lot ..........suppose i have time series data of strom surge at a particular station,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now how do i get the return period value of strom surge
  2. oh its not in english,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pls give me the data on mega so that i could run the model
  3. thanks a lot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can you share you data or other few sample data to run the model,,,,,,actually i need the data to run the model,,,,, i have lecture on practical of this particular theme.....its nothing but only academic purpose
  4. can anyone tell me the simplest approach pertaining storm surge return period calculation and other relevant analysis particular in this field
  5. can you share the data with me
  6. i need sample data pertaining aquifer vulnerability mapping using DRASTIC method ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, have anyone the idea about free sample data to run the model.....................................
  7. spss might be a solution for that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. tools are available in arcgis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,go spatial analyst then overly tool and then weightage overlay, in this interface you could be able to set all the value whether its weight or influence..
  9. i want to draw a shore line for change detection analysis, but the problem is, shoreline is not continuous one, i mean its a high estuarine coast, many tidal creaks are there, so how do i draw a line, whether i will draw line upto further upland/ inland along with the tidal creeks,or just to draw the lower part of the land.is there any condition/ laws for shoreline drawing for this particular coast.
  10. ok sergeant i will learn and let you know, then you promise to show me all hahahahhahah
  11. interesting reply,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks a lot for your kind information. any idea of support vector machine
  12. i need the sarscape extension is it free for envi 4.7
  13. Can anyone give me a very simple explanation of Artificial neural network (ANN) classification techniques and Support vector machine classification technique,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i need very simple explanation to understand these classification, and if possible how to do the ANN classification, i mean the steps of this particular classification
  14. thanks for the link,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i want to know how to run this process, is this possible in arcgis
  15. Hello everyone. i want to prepare a susceptibility map of landslide, i have all the relevant maps in raster format, for instance landuse/landcover, slope, aspect, relative height, geology, drainage distance etc and the landslide inventory ( landslide record of my area as binary raster format). now my question is how do i calculate the multiple linear regression for each and every factors ( thematic layers) , so far i know its possible in spss software, but i dont know how to do this, i mean how could i incorporate my rasters and do this analysis, can anyone give me the idea of thi
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