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  1. Try with the ASDAR book (go to chapter 8 if you're already familiar with spatial statistics): http://www.gisarea.com/topic/2696-applied-spatial-data-analysis-with-r/ Good luck!
  2. Radar is one of your options here for sure. Try RADARSAT or TerraSAR.
  3. Can you post your code? This way we can see how you're handling your data. If not, have a look at the apply functions in R (apply, sapply, lapply, etc.).
  4. Hi Stephen Try regression/universal kriging to add auxiliary variables. I'm not sure ArcGIS 10.3 can do this, but I know gstat in R can do it! HTH!
  5. Use RESAMPLE. Click on Output reference parameters to set the paremeters you mention above. Hope this helps.
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