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  1. hihi rất vui được làm quen với bạn, chắc bạn cũng là thành viên gisvn nhỉ?

  2. Do you can guide me Removal cloud by Erdas or Envi...? I dont known method to do it. Thanks for feedback!
  3. @Rahmansunbeam. I want removal Cloud from Landsat Image. But i cant method and software to do it. I hear everybody talk about LEDAPS. This software run in Linux. I dont known LInux and install Ledaps in Linux. Rahmansunbeam, do you help me install Ledaps (tutorial..., guide)..or you can guide me removal cloud by another software? Thank you very much!!!
  4. Yes, the file is live. We can disable virus before downloading it!
  5. Regressions in SPSS is Normal. We can choose: Linear, Logistics, Curbic (Non - Linear) for simulating correlation between 2 raster. step1: You make sample (than 30 sample) from Land use and Land Surface Temperature. step2: You extract value of point from sample. Step3: You use: SPSS or Statistic software (R software, statgraphics, spss....) to make correlation. Step4: You use Gis software for compute raster (Multiply, split, add, subtract follow equation in step3). Good luck!
  6. the more the better!!!! :D
  7. someone can help me? how to use toolbox Feature extraction in Envi 5.0. Toolbox doesnt work in Envi 5.0 (Medicine created by hero Lomex).
  8. Hello everybody! When i classify object oriented image in Envi 5.0, I use feature extraction. The result is error. I use vitamin (medicine is created by Lomex). http://peupload.com/images/319error.bmp If some one know problem/solution. Please help me! Thank you very much.
  9. Thank my friend. Now i was understood the problem. Many thanks.
  10. I dont find tools in Arcgis. I only see: IDW, Kriging..... Not seen K nearest neighbour and Regression Krigging.
  11. @rahmansunbeam, you can scan hard copy to pdf. The ebook is useful for student who study about remote sensing.
  12. 700 usd. It is expensive. i like Nokia phone. It is cheap, enduring, strong....
  13. @alien786. I am finding it but not found. It is useful book. Hope somebody can share it. You can search ebook remote sensing at: http://bookos.org/s/?q=Physics+Remote+Sensing+of+LAndscapes+with+Spectral+Images%3A+A+Physical+Modeling+Approach&t=0 http://filesnail.com/?key=Remote+Sensing+of+the+Environment&filetype=all-files
  14. Arhanghelul, My friend! You can see at: http://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/ . Before you must registry free nick at this site. You Chose Data Sets - NASALPDAAC Collections - Aster Collections - Aster Level 1B. next step: You choose the place where you need download image at Search Criteria. at the end: You download Aster image. Good luck!
  15. I have search the tutorial that is Created By: Grant J. Firl, Lane Carter. It is interesting tutorial about Calculating Vegetation Indices from Landsat 5 TM and Landsat 7 ETM+ Data. Everybody can download at here: http://ibis.colostate.edu/WebContent/WS/ColoradoView/TutorialsDownloads/CO_RS_Tutorial10.pdf Source: Colorado state University
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