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  1. Actually i'm using Envi software to prepare the thematic maps, and Microsoft excel, SPSS, IDRISI selva with ArcGIS and some other for modeling process..Recently i developed some probabilistic approaches. When it will become official online, i will share them here. G.luck
  2. From Birds to Bogs: Environmental Monitoring in the UK <p>Intergraph invites you to attend the upcoming webinar, From Birds to Bogs: Environmental Monitoring in the UK. This webinar requires registration. Topic: Change detection & environmental monitoring Host: Intergraph & Sterling Geo Date & Time: Tuesday, March 12 @ 10 AM, US EDT (GMT -4) Register now! Remotely sensed geospatial data - including LiDAR and satellite, aerial, and infrared imagery - are all highly effective in modeling and measuring both man-made and natural changes to the environment. During this webinar, Intergraph and Sterling Geo will illustrate how Intergraph geospatial solutions are being used in the UK to provide valuable functionality for preparing, analyzing, and managing such data for environmental monitoring. We will examine specific case studies from APEM, Natural England, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, and the Forestry Commission. We hope you can attend this exciting new webinar! Click
  3. Check this..Its one of the latest methods, using Evidential Belief Function, on Malaysia case study. Actually, you may find a rich data base in Google scholar about that. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S009830041200091X Cheers.
  4. Dear Sanzida Actually i'm working on Landslide hazard assessment and have some publications about that. ArcGIS represent in many approaches the last step, i.e. used for output mapping (produce susceptibility map and categorize it) Plz, be more clear, then maybe i can help, You want to depend fully on ArcGIS , then not much to do, maybe only for direct analysis of DEM. But using the Bivariate or multivairate approach or other statistical approaches, it need supported software. clarify your question and what exactly you want.. i hope i cant help. All the Best.. Omar Althuwaynee.
  5. Thnx a lot..really they move in perfect direction, especially the new band with long wave length to overcome the cirrus, its serious problem in Landsat imagery ..
  6. They mentioned a web services, SRTM data, 90m grid spacing.. 90 m interval in regional scale consider acceptable :wink: sure depend on your application. :grin: Regards.
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