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  1. Ok, i understand how do it ( i think so) ... But i have another problem: When i add tool to toolbox and try to buil main project i get errors : Unable to copy file "obj\Debug\Identity.dll" to "bin\Debug\Identity.dll". The process cannot access the file 'bin\Debug\Identity.dll' because it is being used by another process. How solve this problem?
  2. How add tool to toolbox using arcrngine in C#? All times that i tried to do this, i add tool only once. I create class library project, add some code as BaseTool, build, it's generate dll file. Then i try to add this dll using desing properties of ToolBox, but get error "An error occured when try to add command". In that one success time, when i add tool, project also generate tlb file. How it generate i can't understand. Maybe in this is problem? Thanks for any advices. Roman.
  3. i know it, but my teacher seems doen't know about this) Maybe some one has mapobjects in secret places on PC ?))
  4. Hi All) I have a problem... My teacher given a task on MapObjects... So i need MapObject to install first... but i can't find where i can download it can smbd help me? Thanks.
  5. ok... Can smb give me a link where i can find some tutorials how work in c# with layers ? :lipsrsealed: pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Hello I need make gis application with ArcEngine. This application must be like tourfirm program :: you choose some place from database, which you want to visit, and you choose where you want to stay(some hotels etc.) and on the map this place must be showed. Can you help me how do this ? Give me some good ideas :cheesy:
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