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  1. yea, this sub forum should helps many people
  2. wow great! it seems have to manually add the feature template before drawing some polygon/line feature in newly added polygon/line i've face this problem since arcgis 10 released, and i thought SP1 would fix this problem, but it's not, so i ask you guys here now but, it's just my confusion only thanks for the help.
  3. arcgis tutorial is on ArcGIS 10 itself, just press F1, then go to Essentials Library>Getting started with ArcGIS>ArcGIS Tutorial but the problem is, the exercise data is released separatedly from ArcGIS Desktop 10 DVD. i have been download that data, but from some unknown source, i can't remember, maybe demonoid. okay, back to polyline editing stuff. um... i dont know... if i were in your case, i tried to digitize new polyline, but it start from the end, and then it would meet with the last one vertex from another polyline. it result with two polyline of course, but just merge it in editor toolbar. it became one single polyline. don't forget to activate snapping, for better result of merging. i don't know if any solution out there
  4. pada gak tau ada ini sub forum mod/min... biasanya maennya ke subforum software..
  5. absen! marhensa, 5821, angkatan 2005. jurusan SIGPW
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