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  1. Hi, I just wonder, if it is possible to run gis software (eCognition 8.9) on an amazon cloud. The reason is, that my gis project is huge, and needs additional computing power. Regards Nichess
  2. Are there differences which kind of shape file you use?
  3. In eCognition the CART Analysis is called "Feature Space Optimization" - you can find it here: Classification >> Nearest Neighbor >> Feature Space Optimization. Create Classes Create Samples Select Features within the Feature Space Optimization window Calculate FSO Apply Features to NN-Feature Space ore to Classes
  4. Yes in eCognition you can choose single bands and various Haralick features (GLDV, GLCM)
  5. Hello I use eCognition 8.7.0 when I create a project and want to open it again, a error pops up: "File version is more recent than software version" Does anyone have a idea? Best Nichess
  6. Hi, for my student research project, I like to create an "at surface" - NDVI. Therefore I did: 1 _ Atmospheric correction with ATCOR 2D of all ETM+ Bands (1 - 7) 2 _ Deleting Band 6 3 _ DN to Reflectance with the Landsat7 Reflectance Tool of Erdas 2011. Now I discover some negative reflectance values in the imagery. The values are arround -0,01. I tried to enforce positive reflectance values by creating a model in Erdas model maker. For every condition I used a seperate function: CONDITIONAL { (Band1 <= 0 ) 0 } CONDITIONAL { (Band2 <= 0 ) 0 } CONDITIONAL { (Band3 <= 0 ) 0 } ... But after running the model, everything is 0. It would be of great help, if you could point me to the right direction. Thanks! Nicoyonic
  7. Thank you for the information! But step 3. I don't understand ... In the ACTOR 3D pdf the main processing steps are described as follows: [hide]http://www.satchidananda.de/img/processing-steps.png [/hide] I think that ACTOR 3D is creating a reflecting image as final product, isn't it? Best Nicoyonic
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