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  1. it doesnt work to me just because i cant "upload" the xml file that concludes all the information needed. Do you have any idea how can I upload it??
  2. Thanks for all guys. Is there anyone who knows how can I use an XML file in VBA programming? Surely it can be done programmatically but I cant find how. To be more specific, I have an XML file in which I have some informations such as ID's, coordinations etc. I want to open it programmatically, and make a code in which For id=1 to maxID If x > 329308.95 and x < 335778.42 then If y > 4098095.805 and y < 4102028.150 then newID = id Xid = x Yid = y end if end if next id I can take all the x's and y's in a square..!
  3. Thank you very much for the link. It can be very useful. If you find anything else about programming ArcObjects with VBA it would be crucial for me...
  4. Thank you for your reply. It's quite useful. As you understood I have to adapt the shortest path theory. So, I have programmatically to make a programm, in which you can choose from where you want to go and where to arrive, (from A to B for example), and this will suggest you the shortest path. Do you have any ideas?? Sorry for my english again...
  5. Hey all. I am a student from Greece, so I m really sorry for my English! I try to make my dissertation which has to do with programming ArcObjects with VBA. I have a shapefile with some roads of an area. I have to use the Djikstra's algorithm in general. But, as you can understand, I have first change programmatically the length of some roads. Is there anyone to help me?? Thanks
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