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  1. Pls what is the landsat 7 satellite viewing angle? txs
  2. thank you for all the information, this has been really useful, I will implement and come back with any other questions I have.
  3. Hello, pls another question I have has to do with Landsat 7 ETM imagery L1T. Before I can use it for change detection, what are the preprocessing steps required? or can I omit preprocessing since its been radiometrically and geometrically corrected according to the L1T specifications? Thank you in advance
  4. Thank you for your help. For the landsat L1T do I need to do any radiometric or geometric correction?
  5. i have tried to provide more explanation as per above. txs
  6. Hello pls you tell me the steps required to conduct NDVI on landsat imageries from 2000 to 2009. I am using Erdas and am new to everything. thank you just following up to the above. i want to map mosquito breeding habitats using an ndvi stratification. from literature ndvi values of 0.54 and above re associated with potential mosquito habitats. i want to see how these habitats change over the years for the period 2000 to 2009. i have chosen to use landsat instead of modis cos of the spatial resolution which is too coarse and will make me miss identifying almost all habitats. i have downloaded landsat for this period with L1T correction and also with imageries that are slc-off. i am using erdas software to achieve this huge task. where do i start from. do i need to do any further correction on the landsat imageries since they are multi temporal though they are all landsat 7 etm+ and they are L1T status? how do i go about correcting for the slc off issues? how do i derive ndvi using erdas? I saw an ndvi tool in erdas and it asks me for the imagery type and it doesn't have landsat etm+ only landsat 7 option. do they mean same imagery? I then tried to do it with the model maker but I cannot even figure it out and how to build the model. thank you
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