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  1. You can go to Spot search page, https://www.findmespot.com/international/ May be in search can find imagery on '90 from Spot 1. Good luck
  2. Mapinfo is a tool to low technical GIS Users, so 6 or 5 year losing market on other options, yours pals are good people but are simple in GIS needs.
  3. This is correct, ENVI Lidar is best to manage levels between forest attributes, Fusion is too limited, but is good for very small sections...
  4. is other day as business as usual in Chile,
  5. Is not free, you need pay a subscription, Mexican governt pay Spot subscription, is too complicated managament, many people ask for this,.....
  6. Sorry man, is a pay option, maybe and you take patience, to next year, STRM 1 sec arc (near 30 m) came to your city, this time is only USA.
  7. Try Eros b imagery, purchase you area and extract dem, is too fancy, 0.7 m or so is too low than 1 sec arc from STRM only for USA.
  8. This is true, have 2 cents more for share... I've a pay account for upload, for many days is blocked, my ISP's probe new optic fiber and change IP all time, Upload send me message for use many IP's, is to many restricted to bold sentence....
  9. Man, this issue is old for greed people, activist investors think only in have value on investment, split HP is an way other is repurchase share, you not need a reengineering plan only a legal action. This a dark time for honest people.
  10. My two cents on this speech, dear rahmansunbeam, your ESRI paper speak on Nvidia CUDA architecture, specific Quadro type card. I have one this, but on personal experience, is not important component on yours system, only you have Sensing Remote job, other points is true.......
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