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  1. sargis

    merge dwg files

    Dear souvik.gis , I did it before (Z enter , E enter) but it just shows one dwg (first one in the folder)
  2. sargis

    merge dwg files

    Dear souvik.gis , many thanks for helping me , your application loaded and messages says working normally but after it says " dwg files has merged together " there is nothing new in the " Merged Folder " , It just opens the first dwg file from the specified folder . am I doing wrong ?
  3. sargis

    merge dwg files

    Hi, I have large number of dwg files (1200 files /per 1mb of size ) that each one is the part of a big map , I need to merge these files to gather and measure the hole map area . What should I do ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Does anyone have a good comparison between programming languages for WebGIS ? I need to compare between silverlight , ASP.net , java and .... for WebGIS projects.
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