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  1. ah, soo this is the reason why my account unable access the subforum dear @Lurker, do please re-activate my account , shall sigining to our gisarea more often. thank you.
  2. hi Izrul, just to comment: Have you consider that in surface, coastal area and offshore area, the salinity will change depend on the affecting environment; also not to mention the seasonal factor. salinity has no any correlation for depth estimation. In my opinion, the salinity can not be used as one of the parameter in your algorithm to produce water depth information from SPOT 5. But, as always, I'm open for discussion. bsrgds, dnandz
  3. bisa ada ebook or something yg membahas ini? saya tidak punya pengalaman untuk hal2 webgis. kantor kami renca nya akan meng-webgis-kan data2 yg ada. kami memakai arcgis. bagaimana selanjut nya? terima kasih
  4. use WinXP mode plugin. you can download it from microsoft official web, please make sure that your win 7 is original to be able download the winxp mode. I don't know whether offline installer for winxp mode is available or not. both a/r/c/g/i/s 1/o and a/r/c/v/i/e/w are running perfectly in my laptop w/ that kind of setup. hope this helps. Dnandz
  5. this is a legitimate link? please don't post something that not official, IMHO
  6. is it gridded netcdf file? do you need netcddf viewer or process netdcf for model..? I'm not good with matlab :cool: If to want to visualized the data, use MGET, open source toolbox for visualized vector for a/r/c/g/i/s
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