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  1. The idea is to have login options that everyone could download and also upload their weekly flights. I was thinking GeoServer as an option?
  2. That depends. If I'm working with classification, just the final results (often just a couple of classes of interest) could be exported as vectors by most image classification software. If I'm into manual editing / vectorizing, I'd use AutoDesk Map (where I've learned) or the easy and brilliant GlobalMapper. cheers
  3. Hi fellows, Can someone point me in the right direction here. I'm trying to share a large collection of UAV images and orthomosaics with my work group. What is the best way to do it nowadays? I'm thinking some kind of gallery where you can also preview the tiles. cheers!
  4. What this have to do with the question above? I mean, my worries are about generating the ortomosaic in the first place. But answering, semi-automatic for me when vectorizing. And lots of image processing either.
  5. Hi Lurker, thank you for your answer. Yes, my plan is to use it for remote sensing. I'm just worried about being able to really fly it and get results. We now actually use two M100. However, it is not suitable for larger areas. So, a fixed wing could give us more range, even if it costs resolution, in a first moment. And, maybe, a LIDAR-like DEM as promised by Gatewing. As mentioned, the owner bought it at an auction and never used or know anything about it. This brings me to the question: Is this a full solution (everything inside the case) and, if not, will I be able to use 3rd part applications to process the data? Even if using the provided camera... One other thing. Is the catapult for launching really necessary? I don't think it comes with it... As you see, it could be a good deal or just a wast of $. Drones evolve so fast. It's like the times when PCs become accessible. A closed solution will become outdated fast... Here's a picture the seller texted me. cheers
  6. Hello folks, here we are in 2017! And Ive just had an offer to buy a Gatewing X100 brand NEW for dirty cheap (seller got in an auction, does not understand what it is). Now that we are "living the dream" with so many drone options, does it still make sense to buy one for a couple thousand? I'm mostly worried about: 1. Software (does it come with it? can I use modern mission planners such as DroneDeploy? and process imagens using Pix4D or Photoscan?) 2. Will I be able to fly other (more modern) cameras? How does this work? Any other insight is welcome XD cheers
  7. So far, ArcGIS is the biggest "quick fix" on GIS history where all the codes from the good old ArcINFO were put togheter in the ArcToolbox. Luckly, the interface was spot on (proof is that all others have follow) and it allows to work with map projections on the fly. But till now it remais an arcaic 32-bit of code lines gathered in a suspicious list.
  8. How much a beauty like that cost to us humans?
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