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  1. No. There is no tutorial from spectrometer producer , only body and fibers.
  2. Hi! I have partable usb-spectrometer with optical fiber (similar like ocean optics device) and plan to use it in the fields for getting soil and vegetation spectra. I am planning to build spectral library with my area of intarest typical spectras and use it for hyperspectral data analysis (hyperion). Please advice me, how to use it in the fields right way? I have try to get spectras using 15x15cm white teflon card as reflectance reference (near 100% reflectance), but I see there is difference in spectras dependent on angle and distance between fiber and surface. And I can not anderstand how estimate field-of-view of 600nm optical fiber and have to keep it very close to teflon card and ground or vegetation. Please help me with links, books or good advise!
  3. Thank you! Is it sutable for geting spectra of a bare soil (for example)?
  4. Thank you, i have seen this items, looks like very good ) but... the lowest price about 30000USD for HandHeld2 ...... (((
  5. Hi there! What is the best Field-Portable Spectroradiometer ? Low-price is advantage ) Thanks a lot!
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