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  1. Here is my suggestion ( I am not including pre-processing or post processing methods of images, I assume you know this) 1- You set a time interval to study the NDVI based on the availability of data and your study area (the change of NDVI in desert cities is different than that in other cities). 2- Of course you gonna use Landsat, so for the missing date, you gonna use SPOT images with better spatial resolution. 3- You usually do not enhance the spatial resolution of Landsat images because these images are the majority and the errors produced of each fusion will be huge for all images. what you do is to decrease the SPOT images spatial resolution to 30m, if that makes sense?. I even do not recommend fusing the images for NDVI analysis because their radiometric values will not be retained and you gonna lose a lot of information as Lurker said. 4- Do the statistical analysis.
  2. Landsat 9 Will Launch 2020

    The TIR calibration algorithm for landsat8 TIRS was changed to fix the problem...It will be effective from Jan, 2017. However, the hardware issue still exists.
  3. ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification Exam

    The most important thing is the connections, esp. in Canada.
  4. Orthorectification Step by Step

    Sorry thought it was a new post lol.
  5. Principal Component Analysis

    tried it with envi...haven't been using ERDAS since ERDAS 8.7
  6. Atmospheric correction without external tool

    java? I doubt that.....
  7. Education online

    Hi, I am going to register for python in feb and pay the money to get the certificate... Although I am very busy writing my thesis but without programming, jobs are hard to find.. See you there student
  8. Extract streets as poly from OpenstreetMap or google street

    Thanks shin... I have Navteq data for my study area as polyline and up to date... I need to find the total area of roads, hence I need the polygon. Were you referring the polyline result for only QGIS or for all the methods you mentioned above? Thanks
  9. Hi there friends, Do you know a way that I could extract streets as polygons (not center lines)? I tried universal Maps downloader but as you know I got the streets as images not polygons as I want to find the width of the streets!! Thanks Wk
  10. This is just a goodbye.. ;-)

    we gonna miss u...
  11. This is just a goodbye.. ;-)

    good people never last for long.... Good luck with your new post altho I do not recommend anyone to go working in war zones.
  12. size of MODIS NDVI pixel

    why using MODIS for such small area? MODIS is mostly used for regional and continental scales... Use Landsat...
  13. different WGS84 implementations ?

    dark. has just uploaded a great ebook which discusses the projections in details.. I recommend you read it.
  14. [Torrent] GIS AREA

    Honestly, sometimes when I ask for a link update in here, the guys in here are very quick to re-upload. Thanks guys
  15. ArcGIS Pro: ESRI answer for x64

    As was mentioned above, I think it is same as Arcmap but it is built for 64bit systems. They want to test it using few geoprocessing tools and then maybe gonna transfer all geoprocessing tools to 64bit.

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