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  1. Hi Nada!!!! Before All!!! You know the handbook Modis GPP? https://modis.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/dataprod/mod17.php Now. What do you want to do with your data for an annual time series? and sorted by months? the image that you download is a composite of the maximum value of GPP for that period, which should be added month by month as appropriate!! Tell me! What do think about this now. Reagrds!
  2. Yes Sr on Band Math..... (0 * finite(b1, /nan))+(finite(b1)*(b1 > (-1e+34))).....
  3. Thanks a lot Mamadouba Very good link...... Best Regards
  4. Thanks a Lot Mamadouba!!!!! I appreciate your time and your words,very interesting your approach for Time series analysis, HANTS analysis good tools, If you don't mind, may you please share to me. IDL code Savitzky-Golay (SG) Best Regards!!!!
  5. Dear Mamadouba!!! Very complete his explanation!!! Almost completely agree... just to help discussion for me NDVI is not good Index Vegetation, EVI MODIS is better performance and repair problems of saturation and overestimate vegetation in Arid environment in my case living Chilean Desert....EVI is better.... rest of the analysis is good very good but could you comment a little more than Savitzky-Golay filter or harmonic analysis (Fourier Transform).... ... Thanks!!
  6. Hi Stephenhann you should try with MODIS Sensor is many product like EVI, NDVI, LST & NPP Regards!!
  7. Hi Babyshoone!!! on ENVI & IDL is easy run the script roi_to_csv.pro.... And is great for many layers stack!!!! pro rois_to_csv ;Select file name to save filename=dialog_pickfile(Title='Enter File Name') if filename eq '' then return Openw, lun, filename, /Get_lun envi_select, title='Input Filename', fid=fid, pos=pos if (fid eq -1) then return envi_file_query,fid,bname=bname,nb=nb bname=["ROI_Name",bname] printf,FORMAT='(1000(A,:,","))',lun, bname ;Check ROIs associated with the image roi_ids = envi_get_roi_ids(fid=fid, roi_names=roi_names,/Short_name) if (roi_ids[0] eq -1) then begin print, 'No regions associated with the selected file' return endif ; Compound widget for ROI selection base = widget_auto_base(title='ROI Selection') wm = widget_multi(base, list=roi_names, uvalue='list', /auto) result = auto_wid_mng(base) if (result.accept eq 0) then return ptr = where(result.list eq 1, count) ; ROI data extraction for i=0l, count-1 do begin ;Initialize temp_data to hold the ROI's data data = envi_get_roi_data(roi_ids[ptr], fid=fid, $ pos=[0]) temp_data = fltarr(n_elements(pos),n_elements(data)) ;Extract the data for each ROI for j=0l, n_elements(pos)-1 do begin data = envi_get_roi_data(roi_ids[ptr], fid=fid, $ pos=pos[j]) temp_data[j,*] = data help, temp_data endfor ;Prints the ROI data to filename for k = 0L, n_elements(temp_data[0,*])-1 do begin printf, FORMAT='(A,:,",",1000(F12.2,:,","))',lun, roi_names, temp_data[*,k] endfor ;Returns to the next ROI endfor Free_lun, lun print,'Done!' end
  8. Hi Mobgis... Look at this web page http://wiki.landscapetoolbox.org/
  9. Hi Greg.... This Problem is very common with a huge files with thousands polygons, for me first check the topology this file perhaps as a soft ArcInfo Workstation!!!! See you
  10. Hello Guys !!! I have problem I need georeferencing GOES Image available from http://goes.gsfc.nasa.gov/goeseast/fulldisk/fullres/vis/ but no idea what projection present on file.. this is a metadata GOES 13 Imager frame 78 at UTC 14:45:22.485 day 009 of 2015Vis pixels : 4009, 24840 lines : 2621, 13440Vis Lon : 999999,999999 Lat : 999999,999999Imager ch1:count(0,1023) => [(albdo-0)/0.4]^1 =Uchar> (0,255)(xscale,yscale) => (0.571429,1)Vis pixels: 3650, 28850 lines: 2250, 14250(xstride,ystride) => (1.75,1)IMC status: 1nadir pixel,line: 15352, 8050Ref lon,d,lat,yaw: -74.99990305, 42164.17478, 0, 0Attitude roll,pitch,yaw: 0, 0, 0 TIFFTAG_MAXSAMPLEVALUE=255 TIFFTAG_MINSAMPLEVALUE=0Image Structure Metadata: COMPRESSION=LZW INTERLEAVE=BANDCorner Coordinates:Upper Left ( 0.0, 0.0)Lower Left ( 0.0,12001.0)Upper Right (14400.0, 0.0)Lower Right (14400.0,12001.0)Center ( 7200.0, 6000.5)Band 1 Block=14400x1 Type=Byte, ColorInterp=Gray Min=0.000 Max=202.000 Minimum=0.000, Maximum=202.000, Mean=17.296, StdDev=28.196 Metadata: STATISTICS_MAXIMUM=202 STATISTICS_MEAN=17.296223098098 STATISTICS_MINIMUM=0 STATISTICS_STDDEV=28.195936872276 Thanks in advanced
  11. sigologo

    NASA task

    Hi Dianaz for you proposal, you first evaluate MODIS product, Vegetation, LST, Landcover etc, is very easy data, next for classification small areas, Perhaps Landsat 8..... maximum likelihood classification any way!!! Tell more about this area.... SouthEast Florida ..... Near Miami area??? o another area?? See you lator Alligator
  12. Hi!!! Is Simplify you can only open this script in IDLWorkbrench , run ENVI , compile, y run, next GUI ask for you data, imagen, dem etc......
  13. Hi Mokukk Try http://ms-image-analysis.appspot.com/static/homepage/idldoc/CHAPTER5/ENVIClassicExtensions/c_correction_run.htmlc_correction... easy
  14. Hi nuller00 lol!!! old discussion!!! in Remote Sensing forums, both software are good, buy only by payment!!! If you are European another Software is eCognition. I have heard many Europeans in South America it's best software for images classification when one is starting in Remote Sensing, in this moment like you I working with IDL7.1&ENVI 4.7 on ubuntu for Time Series processing, and also GDAL library and QGIS , DTclassifier and SemiAutomatic Classification is ok for you propousal and this is powerful for any bach processing!!! bye
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