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  1. Hi every one, ihave quastion if i have device for measure wave lenghth of plants can i use these records from device in classification of plants please help me ):
  2. i find way to measure heights in images (2D) the way is by measure shadow for object that u want measure by using the measure tool in erdas then using the tan law to find the height , tan(q)= H/S , where q: the angle elevation of the sun , H:height of object , S: length of shadow
  3. thank u so much for ur post ihave erdas 2011 but idon't know where i can find these function
  4. Hi everyone, i have Geoeye image and metadata for it can i use The angle of elevation of the sun to find heights of buildings using the tangent of the angel
  5. hi every one , i have 30m DEM and satellite images for area between two cities and i want to predict the optimum path road between the two cities (low cost& short cost) any body can help me in these problem best regards,
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