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  1. Green_wing

    Tree counting

    look at maxmax website, they do NIR conventions on cameras that can fit on drones. Did a canon compact with them 100%. Try imageJ (free software), run the NDVI settings you will get some data. Or use a blue filter on your camera, you will get usable images for NDVI. I got good data with dessert palms from RGB images in eCognition, but you have o play with the analysis a bit! Having a NIR layer will make life easy for you. Good Luck
  2. Hi, I use images from a fixed wing drone, we use Microsoft ice for mosaic and agisoft for 3d model. In agisof you can do camera calibration and do ortophoto, work very good. Try to find this book! will answer all your questions. James S. Aber, Irene Marzolff, Johannes Ries, "Small-Format Aerial Photography: Principles, techniques and geoscience applications
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