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  1. Everybody knew a big earthquake was a decade overdue and coming... hope old friends are safe. Just wish the donors had put Earthquake preparations on a much higher priority than climate change and melting glaciers... We were aerial surveying forest and could have added on a 3d lidar scan of all Kathmandu inside the ring-road (including all the historic monuments in Kathmandu before they were destroyed) for only USD$50,000 but nobody would support.... So it goes.
  2. This looks like quite a nice program, thanks for sharing... but it's not cracked?
  3. The Global Landsat mosaic I have weighs in at about 28 Gigabyte as a MrSID file.... where can I store something that big online? And actually it's too big for most people to download. I doubt a torrent would work. At the moment I am using Gigapan.com for free hosting of large images but the biggest so far is about 4 gigabytes (India at 1:200,000 scale topo) Gigapan also requires uncompressing to PNG before upload.... Free World Maps
  4. This release by USGS of 180,000 Orb-3 scenes at one meter resolution probably constitutes one of the biggest ever single free satellite data give-aways in history. And USGS did it so quietly....just use EarthExplorer. PS. Why stop at the Canadians? If only the Europeans and the Asians would go this route as well.... I love USGS!
  5. Hi Spazzle, Where do you get that price from? Unfortunately for a Gatewing I think you have to multiply that price estimate by a factor of 10. It is not a cheapy cheap UAV. I think currently cheapest options are: 1. Build your own DIY Drones with Ardupilot following the conservationdrones.org hardware recipe, 2. SwingletCam from SenseFly 3. Cropcam Very grateful iof people could list nay other options or prefences they have for cheap drones. Cheers Free World Maps
  6. ENVI Ex 4.8 is rather good and quite easy to use.... Free World Maps
  7. Dear All, About a year ago the US Government started quietly releasing scanned JOGS (Joint Operations Graphics) 1:250,000 NGA Topographic maps online and some other higher scale topographic maps in GeoPDF format. The links to download can be reached as follows: http://store.usgs.gov then go to "Maps >>" then go to "National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Foreign Maps" An additional important separate archive for the JOGS is at the University of Texas http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/topo/ Counting the combined JOG mapsheets now online from USGS & University of Texas about 2,500+ JOG sheets (out of about 9,500) are available from these two sources. Does anybody know any other good online sources out there (especially for the JOGs)? Thanks in advance! Free World Maps
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