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  1. Thank you very much for replay, When I tried to use direct connection from ArcCatalog 10.0 to GeoDatabase (Oracle 10g / SDE 9.2) I received the following error: Failed to connect to the specified server. Operation Failed [Connection failed when attempting to connect using a 10.0 direct connect driver to 9.2 geodatabase. Missing suitable direct connection driver for this connection type. Please install the 9.2 direct connection driver. ArcSde Direct Connect driver release - 100001; ArcSde database instance release - 92011; ArcSde low release for instance - 92005] Where to find this driver? I didn't find it on Esri download site. Or, Is there a workaround for this error? Any idea please.
  2. Thank you @rahmansunbeam, Actually, the difficulties appear when upgrading the SDE 9.2 schema to SDE 10.2, they are completely not compatible with each other (ArcSDE 10.2 can not read SDE 9.2 schema). So, I tried to setup a transition stage through ArcSDE 10.0. ie: SDE 9.2/Ora 10g ---> SDE 10.0/Ora 10g ---> SDE 10.2/Ora 11g r2 I'm facing a lot of troubles related to versions compatibility between ArcSDE, Oracle DB, Oracle client, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit. I need some guidance.
  3. Hello friends, I have an old geodatabase created using Arcsde 9.2 on Oracle 10g. Now, I'm trying to migrate it to new system using ArcSDE 10.2 on Oracle 11g 2. Any guidance or advices please.
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