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  1. You can use ESRI Collector for androidot the mobile version of Oziexplorer (not free)
  2. stefano, you can use this data as WMS service with Global mapper italian edition, then save it as kml or kmz file to open with Google Earth
  3. stephenhann, if your excel file contains the latitude/longitude data, you can easly build a point shapefile and load together the raster inside arcgis or in a free gis program like QGIS.
  4. Load the map(raster) in envi or erdas or globalmapper.. save it as geotiff and select the resolution and type 100 meters. After you can load the new raster map on arcgis, erdas, envi or globalmapper and start the vectorializzation... Or you can use the raster to vector function available also in envi or erdas.. But i suggest you before start to make a new vector theme to save it already georeferenced with a 100 meters pixel resolution...
  5. darksabersan, you need first to licensed your version of arcsde otherwise arcatalog wont connect through porstgresql..While you get the license you need to enable the geodb feature in arccatalog, by inserting the location of the license file with extension .ecp
  6. here the page http://courses.learnpracticalgis.com/l1-2-digitize/
  7. try to use the free tool GEotrans by NGA http://earth-info.nga.mil/GandG/geotrans/#Downloading
  8. TRy MapGuide: robust server like apache and opensurce hosted and developed by autodesk...
  9. Change you envi program to the v4.8 or v5..Download the rigorous orthorectification module -change the landsat image projection to the dem projection...(you can do this job on fly with envi) -Now you can use the tool to orhorectify your portion of satellite images...
  10. here another working link size: 100 mb
  11. cslraju do you know about the line segmentation...????? Use the feature as polyline M, then use the grips to connect the various vertex...!!!! Good luck
  12. Rename the file as "gmapsupp.img" and put it in the SD card.... You need first to make a folder "Garmin" in the SD card..
  13. HAPPY NEW 2013 TO WHOLE FORUM...!!!!!
  14. Only for your info, the version of ecw is now the v4.3, not the 3.0... The last plugin for arcgis have the v4.2.. And the last ecw sdk have the v4.3.. The download is free but is necessary a license file to work wtih the sdk..
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