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  1. 946

    World Cities Map

    Thanks for the replay! I tried the OSM but the information that I am looking for is not quite consistent.( yet )
  2. 946

    World Cities Map

    Hi all, Does one of you have some information about some shp/kmz /gdb files that contains the administrative boundaries of the major cities of the world? I have seen and worked with this data a few years ago, but I am not able to find it anymore.It should be around 2500 shapes.(I have the centroids but not the areas) Thanks!!
  3. If the second idea is ok for you why not try to do all at once using Global Mapper. You can create all the surfaces in the same time for all areas of interest and also do the contours ,etc. If you are interesed I can describe a workflow of how I was going to do in your place. Allthebest
  4. I would suggest the same , to generate a regular grid from this points then to generate contour lines(that you can smooth ) and then create the tin from the lines. In Arc you can after insert the original points in the tin . I think is a good ideea also to try VRMesh where you can smooth the points or the surface (but you are going to lose the survey precision)
  5. Hello friend, Exist more options for what you need but the most importatnt is how looks your original data. Density of points , grid or random like lidar files... If the tin was done in Arc , what tolerance you used as that can output som strage results sometimes. For smoothing you have TerraScan+TeraModel+Microstation/VRMesh that is here on the forum/Some tools from Arc ...etc. If you provide more info about your data or a small sample of it I can try to help. Allthebest
  6. Thanks for the replay, But when I did this in arc(10) the resulted area is with 0 elevation one each vertex. What I need is for the buffer to keep the elevation of original polyline/polygon as much as possible. I marked Enabled for "output has z values" from the Enviroments tab. I am doing something wrong? Thanks
  7. Hi all, Someone knows a tool/software to create 3d buffers from 3d polyline or polygon(not vertical buffer)? I know that for the moment Global_Mapper does it but only in a 15m given distance and what I need is for bigger areas. Thanks
  8. You can also try Global_Mapper in 2 ways: 1. Load your resulted raster in GM and click on the layer to "Create Area Features from Equal Values in Selected Layer". 2. Open your elevation file in GM , triangulate if needed, and after export as "Elevation Grid Format" and choose "Float/Grid File".Mark the button with "Export Slope Values Insted of Elevations". When you load this back to GM the sofware reads this information like elevation so you can generate contours from it. The values from the contours will be infact the slope values. Hope it will help you!
  9. In Global Mapper export the DEM by Export Elevation Grid format, chose XYZ Grid (or Las file ) and specify in Resolution tab the distance you need for x&y Like this is going to sample elevation only in specified distance. In Arc, when exporting to ascii files, or raster to point, you should be able to select the output distance between points from Environments tab/ cell size (or something like this)
  10. Create in GM a grid by using Edit/"Create Regular Grid of User-Specified Size" Now chose for the "Grid cell Witdh" and "Grid cell Height" the distance that you need between the poins and also use a number of grid cells that is enough to cover your area of interes. After this select all grid cells and use Edit/Advanced Feature Creation Options/Create new pont from selected area and line features. Delete the grid cells and you have the points in the distance that you specified. Select points and Edit/Apply Elevation from Terrain Layers... In Arc exist a tool to create random poins in
  11. "" second post (not sure why first didn t register) I am not sure I understand the xxx ideea, but in GM when having the layer (DEM) you can offset it xy and/or Z and after use the tool to create Z points in "new" location. If is not this what you need, put a brief descripion and I could help with some ideeas all the best
  12. Hello, You can also use Global Mapper , load the DEM, right click on layer and "Create point features at elevation cell centers"
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