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  1. Getting back

    Hi Lurker - thank you for your welcome. Why am I unable to post to the other topics?? Jan
  2. Getting back

    An old user coming back
  3. ArcGIS server vs. Open Source GIS solutions

    Well - I have tried both and I chose the "commercial" way. Open source is like buying yourself a car - but you need to mount seats, stearing whell and find out which type of fuel it uses. ArcGIS and all of its online components (Server - AGOL - Portal - JavaScript web apps - Collector - AppStudio) is an awsome set of online tools that I love to play with. You have great support and funcionality that really works ... on the other hand, you have to pay for it. But it makes my life and GIS experience much easier. Packy
  4. This video http://youtu.be/nY4C0N-POK8 shows the method of georeferencing maps in ArcGIS - is spoken in czech, but just look at the pictures The SW is in english. Packy
  5. Comparison of Photogrammetry software

    We are using the LPS - Leica Photogrammetric Suite 2011 based on ERDAS licence. I am fully satisfied with the functionality, but I am running an academic licence- it may be much more expensive to use it in a bussines. Jan
  6. ask..mxd to html with google map or bing

    Hi, to server your data online you have to publish them first as a service - maybe at the ArcGIS Server. Setting up the server is not easy, but the data publishing goes then very fast and efficiently ... Jan

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