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  1. Hello! Last week I found a nice job, but there is a problem. They ask me to orthorectify and then to mosaic some images. In teory, I know how to orthorectify an image, but before going to the job interview, I want to make some practice. I can't find over the net the data that I need to orthorectify an image. My request is: Could someone help me with a tutorial, but most important, the data for the tutorial? To orthorectify an image sometimes you need the RPC for that image ( or you can build your own RPC). Yet, to build these RPC's you need information about the camera that made that photo:
  2. I have a problem with ArcGis 10. When I try to calculate the EUCLIDIAN DISTANCE from ArcToolbox works perfectly smooth. When I try to make a model, using model builder, and I add an EUCLIDIAN DISTANCE to tool, and I try to run it, i get this error: Start Time: Tue Apr 12 22:50:10 2011 ERROR 999999: Error executing function. Failed to open raster dataset Failed to execute (Euclidean Distance). Failed at Tue Apr 12 22:50:12 2011 (Elapsed Time: 2.00 seconds) As I said, the data is the same in both situations. Thank you.
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