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  1. In other words, I would like to match cities to the nearest weather station within a given radius.
  2. Hello, I'm not sure where to post this question, being a little lost in this new world. So if this is not the right place, I apologize in advance. I'm currently writing an economic paper and I'm, among others, using precipitation data. However, I do not have data for each city, only for a subsample (which have a weather station nearby). I have the gps coordinates of the cities and the gps coordinates of the weather stations. What I'm trying to do is to "draw" a perimeter around each city (by varying the diameter) and see the stations that are inside in order to use the data of those stations as proxy for the precipitations for this city. Can I do it with GIS software ? Or other kind of softwares ? Thanks in advance for your precious help Nicolas.
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