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  1. Hope it doesn't get bloated and bloated , features are nice-to-haves , but keeping the core working smoothly is surely key.
  2. I am an avid user of the Mapbox JS library, and I use to map points of interest in some of our projects, like locations of survey targets for monitoring purposes. https://www.mapbox.com/mapbox-gljs THe latest branch now includes improved support for 3D terrain, but I am still nt seeing support for negative elevations- i.e underground. But with the news that Mapbox 2.0 is no longer open source, What are your thoughts about it? Certainly it has an imapct on the projects that depend on the underlying Mpabox libraries, but they said its not gonna affect 99% of the existing userbase. From what I was able to find out, this was somehow to encourage consistent development by not relying on community devs who mostly are not full-time developers. Also, a fork called Maplibre seems to aim continuing the development of 1.x branch ( I may be wrong) , so yeah.
  3. Many thanks for having me back!, I'll post the web GIS discussion over the weekend.
  4. Hi moderators, Sorry for being out for a while - a big move from middle east to melbourne has just happened, then COVID hapoened. I will be be able to continue where I left and be active once more. Hopefully I can share my insights and questions , and the discussions it spurs, they may be of help to our forum. I wish my account to be active once more. Thanks all!
  5. Hi there! As I have shifted places from Middle East to Melbourne, and with things clearing up, I can say I can be in the forum again 🙂 Sadly, I think I am not allowed to post yet. I am in the midst of making a web map for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel, and I came to a very interesting issue regarding depicting elevations on a webmap. I am not sure if I even m allowed to post this here, apologies beforehand and after Please enlighten me so I can post this topic , many thanks!
  6. Wow, this is great news! We always had bottlenecking problems even if we had the "best" configuration and schema for a certain use case, maybe this is one step closer to minimize that.
  7. or breaking the ice and starting a convo. Be careful when you do that in the Middle East, though :-)
  8. I think in would be more useful in urban places , of course that is a given, but in particular ,in places where people frequent them, such are large master communities, retail areas and commercial complexes. We might expect AR to give near real-time, if not accurate information soon, but again, it would be heavily dependent on the network infrastructure to succeed.
  9. Good Day Mister, If you are in UAE, I see no problems at all. They don't block this site. Check if you are using something for internet. Cheers!
  10. Thank you Mr. Moderator! This seems to be an interesting place to check out GIS related discussions. Please give me a few days to roam around 🙂 One prominent use of GIS in the UAE is that of Abu Dhabi Municipality, for land registration purposes. Let us see what I can pitch in
  11. Hi! I am a surveyor from UAE. But a Southeast Asian by birth. Nice to meet you all!
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