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  2. Wow, this is great news! We always had bottlenecking problems even if we had the "best" configuration and schema for a certain use case, maybe this is one step closer to minimize that.
  3. or breaking the ice and starting a convo. Be careful when you do that in the Middle East, though :-)
  4. I think in would be more useful in urban places , of course that is a given, but in particular ,in places where people frequent them, such are large master communities, retail areas and commercial complexes. We might expect AR to give near real-time, if not accurate information soon, but again, it would be heavily dependent on the network infrastructure to succeed.
  5. Good Day Mister, If you are in UAE, I see no problems at all. They don't block this site. Check if you are using something for internet. Cheers!
  6. Thank you Mr. Moderator! This seems to be an interesting place to check out GIS related discussions. Please give me a few days to roam around 🙂 One prominent use of GIS in the UAE is that of Abu Dhabi Municipality, for land registration purposes. Let us see what I can pitch in
  7. Hi! I am a surveyor from UAE. But a Southeast Asian by birth. Nice to meet you all!
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