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  1. So far, I have collected data on plants with blight(in a test field), but I will collect data on plants without blight in the coming season. And, yes if I find this out, I'll certainly publish my results. And I appreciate your response to my question.
  2. Hi, I want to develop a workflow to detect a specific disease in potato plants(potato blight) by remote sensing. I have acquired the images of the potato field by mounting a multispectral camera on a drone that flew at an altitude of 5m above the plants. The multispectral camera has 5 bands namely: Blue,Green,Red,NIR and RedEdge. I have converted the DN(raw digital number) values of all bands in reflectance values and also applied lens correction and also aligned them. I have first trained SVM(support vector machine) to segment soil from plants and then also applied SAVI(soil adjusted vegetation index) to refine soil segmentation from plants. Now, I want to apply NDVI(normalized difference vegetation index) to determine the heath of plants pixel wise. Is it the right approach to follow? Will NDVI be resonable to apply on images taken at just 5m height? Or is there any better approach? Best regards...
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