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  1. thanks for answer really helpful, also ı have the ınclude the wind speed and dırectıon wınd , how can ı combine them ?? I have the map of peat area, rıvers,roads, natıonal parks, slope,wınd speed, countyr parks ,wodlands... And ı do not know ıf ı have addıtıonal data ? after defıne the area how can ı show the turbınes on the map?
  2. Hi community, I have a question that how can I choose the suitable area fro locate wind turbines?? I have the layers and maps but ı am not sure about the pathways to create final map? Can anybody help me ? . there are some crıterıas lıke turbınes should be far from roads 100m and slope must be under 10%, how can ı combıne all of them and after enter all the crıterıas how can ı reach the fınal map that show me suıtable place????
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