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  1. Thank you for all the suggestions! I have qgis set up as per the last link, I've georeferenced a scanned image of an OS map, and use the grid lines as ref points. if I then add google map image from openlayers plugin, it all lines up well but in the bottom right corner it says the CRS of the openlayers map with OTF (on the fly) next to it, is this correct? Because if I then select my OSmap layer, it stays the same? This isn't too much of a problem as I don't really want the google map, I was just checking my georeferencing. My other big problem I have is I wish to import my existing CAD map, this was originally created in TurboCad and has no geographical reference, other than it was created using a scanned map image and then that was drawn over on another layer. This map has a grid layer and I need to get this into qgis to be able to reference positions that are already on the ground.
  2. Thanks again for your info. I have Autocad for Mac, but will look at the other software you have suggested. At the moment, I am stuck on coordinate reference systems.. I understand (basically) what they are for, and what they do, but as for what to use and where... I'm lost! The data I have collected was using British National Grid CRS I assume, I need to set Pathfinder Office the same, when I export .shp from PFO it should be the same? And should QGIS project be the same as well? This is where I gave up last time, it had me confused! And still does!
  3. Thank you for this reply, It looks like I need to get my head around QGIS then, unfortunately I don't think we have the budget for ARCgis at the moment! I will have a go over the next couple of weeks and see how I get on. Thank you again.
  4. Hello everyone, Hopefully I am creating this topic in the correct place. I am totally new to GPS and GIS, but (hopefully) a quick learner! Our family run business is a natural burial ground, the ground is currently mapped out by means of a map, created in CAD, from a scanned image, when in CAD, a grid was added to the areas, and then this was measured out on the land. (I can picture people reading this and shaking heads!) This has worked, and still works, but we want to get more accurate data, and be able to 'go to a certain point' by using GPS, and when at the point be able to have information about the point on our GPS unit. I have a Trimble Geo7X, capeable of 10cm accuracy which is absolutely fine for our needs, currently I need to post process the data to achieve this but when I have the 'mapping' done, we are going to look at RTK, Trimble VRS now or similar to achieve the same accuracy going back to points. I can operate the Geo, collect good data and process it, but that's where I stop. I would like to know the easiest way to take the data collected and turn it into a usable 'map' where I can add points to on the computer at home, and then import this back into the Geo, go back out to the field and be able to go to that point, and also be able to colllect data and update the same map? I hope that makes sense?? To me, it sounds like it should be quite simple, but actually doing it hasn't been! I have looked/tried QGIS, but got a little lost! If this is the way to go, I will revisit and try again. All suggestions and advice welcome, and thank you for reading my topic. Regards Tom.
  5. Hello Everyone. my name is Tom, from Dorset in the UK. I have joined up to the forum looking for some advice (maybe quite a bit!, but hopefully not). I run a farm, and also a Natural Burial Ground. The burial ground is mapped (very basically), but we have been looking to improve this by using GPS, and mapping it 'properly'. The advice I need is taking collected GPS data and turning it into something useful for us. I will have a look through the forum, but if someone could tell me the best place to start off a topic that would be great. Thanks in advance! Tom
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