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  1. COURSE: GIS for Natural Resource Management Training INTRODUCTION As natural resource managers—biologists, botanists, ecologists, environmental regulators, hydrologists, planners, miners, petroleum engineers, foresters, and farmers—you rely on the analytical power of GIS for help in making critical decisions as you manage the earth's resources. There is no simple answer to our environmental and natural resource concerns, but whether you are restoring habitats, planting crops, drilling for oil, or monitoring endangered species there is increasing optimism that the application of GIS tools will help us become a more sustainable planet. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Biologists, botanists, ecologists, Foresters, NGO staff, Government officials in environment and conservation, environmental regulators, hydrologists, planners, miners, petroleum engineers, foresters, and farmers. DURATION 5 days COURSE OBJECTIVES The hub of the course is the application of geo-information and earth observation techniques in support of natural resources management. The course provides participants with knowledge and skills needed for the collection, interpretation and management of spatial information, using remote sensing and geographic information systems, to support planning and decision-making processes in natural resources management. The curriculum concentrates on methods for assessing the state of the resource base and the changes that occur, and progresses to the assessment of impacts and, finally, societal response. Full Course Details about GIS for Monitoring and Evaluation Training EVENT FEE & REGISTRATION The training event fee is USD$1050. This caters for Facilitation, 2 Refreshment breaks (Morning and Afternoon Snack) and Buffet Lunch during the entire training period. This fee does not cover accommodation and travel logistics. We can organize for your Accommodation and Airport pick up at an Extra cost. To Register online for this course click on this link (REGISTER ONLINE)
  2. INTRODUCTION The aim of this course is to provide both a solid theoretical understanding and a comprehensive practical introduction to the use of geographic information systems and remote sensing technologies for the analysis and solution of different water and environmental problems. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? The course is designed for professionals (engineers and scientists) active in the water/environmental sector, especially those involved in planning and management of water systems as well as numerical modelling. Pre-requisites are a basic knowledge of computing and water related topics. DURATION 5 days COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion, the participant should be able to: Gain a sound fundamental understanding of the GIS and remote sensing technologies To understand the basic principles underlying the GIS/model-based management of water resources and environment To become familiar with the GIS-based analytical and problem-solving techniques for sustainable planning and management of water resources and environmental problems. Get the full course content here
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