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  1. you can experience the online demo of SuperMap iServer: http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_OnlineDemo.html
  2. yes, in China, SuperMap GIS and ESRI are competitors, and last year, in Chinese GIS market share report, SuperMap occupies 32%, ESRI occupies 29%.
  3. GIS software is good for the functions like data conversion, data processing, analyzing, 2D & 3D mapping, layout designing, map publishing, etc. But GIS software is not as easy to operate as other daily-use software. SuperMap GIS has unified codes for all products with many features such as cross-platform, 2D & 3D integration, cloud and terminal GIS integration, etc. Therefore, in this article, we give an example using SuperMap GIS, in where you can find the training tutorials on Youtube or even download from SuperMap GIS website. http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_OnlineVideo.html Or you can download SuperMap GIS training slides to have a more comprehensive understanding of operating SuperMap GIS software. http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_TrainingSlides.html Don’t forget to download SuperMap GIS software(with 3-month free trial included) http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_ProductPackages.html Software GIS operation videos on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA4K8YXKTVxoz6dDW0nMGxg
  4. JHS, one of the leading construction suppliers, is also in the business of evaluating house, with alliance of over 20,000 companies, owning the data of foundation strength of millions of houses, covering all over Japan. And SuperMap Japan constructed the database of spatial-temporal data for JHS, providing analysis services for it ally companies. Meanwhile, JHS chose SuperMap Cloud Service and released the land information report for disaster relief and foundation strength map, which has become a new area for SuperMap GIS in disaster relief. Foundation strength map can also compare the historical aerial photo, earlier version of terrain map, providing the shaking degree, ground liquidation, geological map, flooding map, micro-terrain map, land condition and distribution of education area, shelters, medical facilities, parks, etc. Users can easily view the information of arbitrary location. This service also has different terminals like PC, smart phones, tablets, providing the same service. Currently, the database is being updated and enriched. Download SuperMap GIS: http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_ProductPackages.html SuperMap GIS Software operation videos on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA4K8YXKTVxoz6dDW0nMGxg
  5. 1 Forestry GIS for forest protection Geographic information is highly important for forest workers. ‘High precision positioning portable device for forestry GIS ’ is developed based on SuperMap iMobile for Android, applying for Android devices with GPS functions. There are necessary modules like high-resolution aerial images, GIS positioning, trajectory, destination information generation, forestry registration query, distance measurement, photograph taking, etc. Meanwhile, the system also contains the land layer, which can compare the land attributes and forestry log information, linking the land shape data and GPS locations. ‘Forestry GIS’ also can interact with forestry GIS windows version, realizing information sharing. This system has been given Japan electronic land award. Local government, forestry companies can use portable device to investigate boundaries, acquiring the information of the owner of forestry, setting forestry path, making the cutting plan. Boundaries investigation: Use high-resolution aerial image data and GPS coordinates to locate. Forestry information acquirement: Query forestry information according to the current location, query the owners of the forest and label with color, making the circumstances under control. The local governments which have provided land data can distinguish the owner of the form and boundaries, so that they can know the differences of boundaries and registered forestry, registered land. Setting forestry path, making the cutting plan: To plan forestry path, GIS trajectory is very useful. It will take the photo when meeting obstacles, recording the image and location information for the future use. 2 System Application Category After the development of forestry GIS, there are more business like radiation measurement, UAV photogrammetry like Radiation, UAV forestry investigation, forestry repair. 2.1 Forestry Pest Monitoring In the forestry area along Japan Sea, there are serious pest problems in pines, which needs checking the pest status from helicopters time after time. If the anomaly has been found, the scientists from institute of forestry science will bring the forestry GIS to collect data on site. 2.2 Radioactivity Investigation The local mushroom has been influenced by the radiation of Fukushima nuclear accident, using the radioactivity density monitoring devices linking with potable forestry GIS, it is easy to get the radiation distribution. Portable forestry GIS has become a necessary tool for the forestry experts. 2.3 Forestry investigation and GPS In Aomori, Japan, there are more than over 90% of area with cadastral information, and 100% for forestry area. Therefore, the boundaries of forestry can include the results of cadastral information. However, the accuracy of forestry cadastral investigation is low, there might be the situations of the differences of registered forest boundaries, whose errors may be meters even tens of meters. Forestry companies know the accuracy of mountain data is low, so they will use different GPS devices when acquiring the location information. The errors range should be within 150-300cm according to Japan Land Investigation law, most GPS can meet this requirement. During the process of developing forestry GIS, in order to tackle the problem of low accuracy of mountain areas, we have tested the measured coordinates of GPS, and added automatic calculation in the system to display the location accuracy.
  6. SuperMap iServer 8C (2017) has supports WebGL, realizing plugin-free 3D visiting by browsers on PC terminal and mobile terminal. Using vector style to render, SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) makes map viewing effect more beautiful and various, SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) has service dispatching extension module, making the interconnection between SuperMap and third-party platforms easier. WebGL 3D technology supported SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) supports SuperMap iClient3D 8C (2017) for WebGL, which can help you to construct plugin-free, cross-browser and cross-platform 3D scene application programs. SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL is a 3D GIS network client SDK based on JavaScript and HTML5 WebGL, which acquires hardware rendering provided by WebGL technology, browsers can smoothly display 3D scenes and models through system display card, and front-end developers can transplant OpenGL program to realize 3D effect on Web terminal through JavaScript. SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL has freed plugin, reducing the trouble of developing rendering plugin. 3D services without download or installation have improved the viewing experience for the users. SuperMap Earth constructed by SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL 3D scene viewed on Safari New dynamic plotting service: more professional GIS services SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) has newly provided 2D dynamic plotting services to fulfill the dispatch solutions of military operations, emergency response, police pursuit, etc. SuperMap docking service allows vividly and precisely displays the solution, which improves the communication efficiency in emergency response. SuperMap iClient dynamic plotting Map service supports vector style SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) supports vector style rendering to provide more beautiful and various maps. SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) can automatically publish the defined map style and symbol information as CartoCSS when publishing maps. Through docking services of SuperMap iClient 8C(2017) for JavaScript, the map viewing efficiency and map display effect can be improved. In addition, you can also customize the map displaying styles in SuperMap iCLient 8C(2017) for JavaScript. In this way, various map styles can be acquired once publishing one map data. Rendered blocks with different styles Service dispatching extension module- easier to interconnect with third Party SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) has service dispatching extension module, allowing publishing SuperMap data as REST service of third party, providing more GIS services to more third-party clients, realizing interconnection with third-party platforms. SuperMap GIS package download: http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_ProductPackages.html
  7. SuperMap GIS 8C(2017) was released in October, 2016, which has drawn a lot of attention from public. In this article, some new features will be introduced. Good looking and self-adapt color band SuperMap iDesktop 8C (2017) redesigned color solution manager to make beautiful and colorful map. In the new manager, the color band can be classified by its usage, also 200 color bands with more colors and styles have been added. Supports functions like querying, copying, collecting on color bands. More importantly, color solution can be self-adapt. For example, when creating a unique value map for administrative areas, click ‘color manager’, the software will automatically display the band color for ‘unique value map’. If you are not satisfied with the color band, you can choose in other categories or try query function. ‘Special effect’ in map Switch to the color mode in map attribute, you can experience ‘special effect’ in map with one button. SuperMap iDesktop 8C(2017) provides 5 color modes including default color, black/white, grey, reverse black/white, reverse black/white (other colors remain the same) to realize ‘special effect’ with one button. New multiple resource and sample maps SuperMap iDesktop 8C(2017) updated a series of symbols, line and fill resource. ‘Thematic map’ has been divided into an isolated ribbon, making classification clearer and operation more convenient. It supports creating null unique value map and layer copying cross workspace, etc. Meanwhile, we produced a new series of sample maps combining with new color solution and version features, for example, the tourism route map, graduated map, 3D rendering map and rainfall map. In addition, more qualified and beautiful sample maps will be provided, like 4D map, land use map, population economy map, etc.
  8. GIS software is good for the functions like data conversion, data processing, analyzing, 2D & 3D mapping, layout designing, map publishing, etc. But GIS software is not as easy to operate as other daily-use software. SuperMap GIS has unified codes for all products with many features such as cross-platform, 2D & 3D integration, cloud and terminal GIS integration, etc. Therefore, in this article, we give an example using SuperMap GIS, in where you can find the training tutorials on Youtube or even download from SuperMap website. http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_OnlineVideo.html Or you can download the training slides to have a more comprehensive understanding of operating SuperMap GIS software. http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_TrainingSlides.html Don’t forget to download the software (with 3-month free trial included) http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_ProductPackages.html
  9. The earthquakes keep happening around the world. The 7-magnitude earthquakes hit Afghanistan, Burma, Japan, Ecuador, bringing serious damage to those countries. How can we improve the rescue ability and control the damage after the earthquake? SuperMap iMobile platform has been widely used in earthquake relief with its 6 professional GIS functions. On-site rescue information service terminal ‘On-site rescue information service terminal’, which was developed for China national earthquake response support service center based on Supermap iMobile, can realize quick information collecting and reporting, experts consulting, BeiDou short message receiving and sending. It showed great results in WenChuan earthquake rescue and ZhouQu earthquake rescue. On-site rescue map On-site rescue map supports online and offline maps, providing professional maps like topographic map, image map for the rescue teams. On-site grouping rescue team On-site grouping rescue team provides grouping function, which can group commanders, experts, rescue members, medical staff according to reality. This can also be used to group rescue equipment like lighting, medical, roof bracing and communication equipment like radio and BeiDou cellphone. Rescue information collection Rescue information collection supports quick collection of information of collapsed buildings, damaged roads, danger source. On-site rescue information data management Rescue information data management includes My data and Shared data. My data I the data labeled by the user, shared data are data labeled by the team members. SuperMap iMobile GIS platform has full, abundant GIS functions. The On-site rescue information service terminal based on SuperMap iMobile GIS platform can fulfill the needs of effectiveness, mobility, accessibility of earthquake relief, guaranteeing the effectiveness and decrease disaster loss. Download SuperMap iMobile for Android here: http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_ProductPackages.html
  10. SuperMap iMobile platform has been widely used in many fields with its professional GIS functions. 1. Integration of online and offline maps: combination of multi-source maps The strong earthquakes can disconnect communication network and therefore, which makes online maps unavailable. SuperMap iMobile can visit online maps and offline maps stored on the local devices, which depends less on internet, bringing users more smooth experience. In addition, when using local maps, the types of vector, image and tile data can be chosen. 2. Data collection: acquire first-hand disaster information Quickly acquiring information after earthquake can provide vital basis for decision- making process. SuperMap iMobile provides collection method of ‘Location+Sheet+Multimedia’, which makes on-site data collection more accurate, forward and stereoscopic. The location information can be acquired by satellites or hand drawing, which supports geometry like drawing point, line and surface. The multimedia data can be collected by audio, picture and video. 3. Interconnection: Flexible dispatch In the earthquake rescue, headquarters needs to distribute rescue missions to rescue teams and team members need to share data. SuperMap iMobile uses bus technology, realize multi-terminal collaboration and data distribution, acquire data from multiple mobile terminals, highly improved efficiency. 4. Status labeling: Clearer command A clearer mission description can improve rescue efficiency. SuperMap iMobile provides abundant line, fill symbols, combining with drawing, doodling functions, allowing command information being expressed quickly and forwardly. 5. Full GIS functions: Essential support for disaster rescue SuperMap iMobile provides full GIS functions, specifically including: map operations, map measurement, data collection, mapping editing, spatial analysis, information query, track collection. GIS functions of Track collection, spatial analysis, map measurement. Download SuperMap iMobile for Android here: http://www.supermap.com/en/html/SuperMap_GIS_ProductPackages.html any questions, contact [email protected]
  11. Better performance, better service SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) has made great improvement on service performance, not only the service usability of GIS service multiple instance has been improved, but also better service can be provided by constructing front processor. Meanwhile, the new service dispatch extension module provided by SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) allows easier connection with third-party platform. Vector styles of map give better viewing effects. GIS service supports multiple instance: more reliable, more effective Based on micro-service architecture, SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) supports activating multiple instances on GIS service. After activation of multiple instance, SuperMap iServer 8C(2017) will divide multiple service instances, every service instance occupies one isolated process (independent port), and services are mutually isolated and provide complete GIS functions to respond service requests. For example, for map-China/rest service requests, in the single instance mode, system only has one port with name 8090 to respond. After activating 3 instances, there are instances with port name of 8091, 8092, 8093 to respond the service requests. Therefore, when there are requests of high-parallel situations, multiple instance can improve service quality. Meanwhile, the instances have mutual backup copies, when one of these has malfunction, the request will be transferred to other instance to ensure the usability of service. Before activation of multiple instances in GIS service- waiting in queue After activation of GIS multiple instances in service – parallel response to request In addition, with the concept of heterogeneous service of micro architecture, service instance can also be heterogeneous. In a simple way, there are different service contents in different instance. Like the instances of port 8091 and 8092 provides map-china/rest service while port 8093 provides map-world/rest service. Heterogeneous service instance means unequal of service instance, so the users can decide service instance number according to different service loading to maximize the utilization of hardware. Heterogeneous service instance iClient polling mechanism helps to construct better GIS application system SuperMap iClient 8C(2017) for JavaScript has new polling mechanism. If you have already deployed multiple GIS servers, when processing user map service requests, SuperMap iClient will dispatch these responses to different servers, making servers process the requests to speed up user access speed; for query services, SuperMap iClient can request on servers, if the target server is not available, it will skip the server and then send to other servers till get response, which greatly improved the service usability. iServer + iExpress + iCLient combination of front processor to improve system performance In the front processor solution, SuperMap iExpress as the front processor of the client, processes requests on client through service agent, cache, technologies. This avoids direct interaction between client and GIS service center, making secure isolation of GIS service center. Furthermore, if you deploy multiple SuperMap iExpress and combine with SuperMap iClient polling mechanism, it avoids single-point failure to ensure the usability. Front processor diagram
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