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    My interests are focused in remote sensing application for agriculture: satellites or drones, land use change or precision agriculture, I really like everything in this field!

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  1. Hello everyone, thank you very much for your replies, you clarified my doubts. Mamadouba, I used the distinction provided by the Italian Wikipedia (which, of course, is not the most reliable source...). But you are right, I was referring to DSM. Meodensi, thank you for sending me this link: I will have a closer look at it ;-)
  2. Hello everyone, I'm here to post a very basic question about DEMs. Can a DEM be derived only with Lidar\Radar technologies? Or are there ways to elaborate a DEM also from optical? I am working on crop classification and it would be extremely useful for me to be able to derive plant height from the optical data I'm working with (both Landsat8 and Sentinel2). Thank you for your attention, Laura
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