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  1. hi hiram, thank you very much for the e-book, it's help a lot for me hi darksabersan, thank you before with some e-books you shared, i'm just a leecher in the past haha hope for your continuous e-books sharing again in the future
  2. Salam kenal semua saya dari statistika Unpad 2013 awalnya cuma iseng" belajar statistik spatial sampe akhirnya tertarik belajar gis terimakasih sebelumnya dan mohon bantuannya x)
  3. Hi good people out there, im Mashmosh from Padjadjaran University, Indonesia recently got here for learning about spatial statistics for some my college research about spatial interpolation now i'm more interested with GIS and spatial programming after surfing this forum for a week any good reference for starting in GIS world? hope someday i can contribute for the forum thanks in advance x)
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