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  1. I'm working on a project now where I am trying to pre-process some UAV data from a MicaSense RedEdge sensor and get it into an analysis ready state. I think I have all of my steps figured out to pre-process the data, but I'm not sure about needing to apply dark subtraction or not. If I look at the exif metadata for my images, there are two tags called "Exif_Image_BlackLevel" and "Exif_Image_BlackLevelRepeatDim". Here are some specific values for the two fields: "Exif_Image_BlackLevel": [4924, 4927, 4914, 4927] "Exif_Image_BlackLevelRepeatDim": [2, 2] I was curious if anyone might now how I can use these two exif tags to apply a dark subtraction to my image. For some spectral indices this constant offset shouldn't affect my results too much, but it might have a big effect on other indices and I want to make sure I am correctly processing my data. Thanks for the help!
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