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  1. Dear, My company is currently looking to build a GIS team and we are looking for several peoples with GIS related skills, it is for a big project at Brussels (Belgium) or Copenhage. We need 14 specialists at Brussels and one at Copenhage. Of course it is a full-time position for a minimum of 4 years (extensible fo course). So, please can you tell if you will be interested by such position? If yes, if you match the position requirement ? PS: We also speak French if you prefer ! Description : As both tabular and spatial data are managed it is expected that you will have an intensive knowledge in GIS and experience working with spatial data and analysis as well as the INSPIRE Directive. Furthermore, you should be familiar with the principle of Agile methodology upon which all IT projects are based. In this respect, we use Redmine.org to manage projects and tasks. You should have a thorough and proven knowledge and experience in the following software packages: · FME from Safe.com (version 2015.x) · ArcGIS (version 10.x, desktop and server) · ArcGIS Online · Tableau (desktop and server) · Microsoft SQL Server (2012, 2014) · Python (2.7 or newer) You must be certified in at least one of the above software packages. For FME, ArcGIS and Tableau the listed consultants shall have a proven experience in organising training workshops. Beside the above-mentioned software packages it is expected that you have a thorough knowledge in working with XML, XML schemas, JSON and XHTML. -- Demez Christophe Associate, D&A Consulting [email protected] http://www.dna-consulting.eu
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