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  1. Hi roycastanares. Pointfuse is a quick an accurate way to convert large and/or multiple point clouds into textured vector models. Textures include RGB, intensity, density, distance from surface or attribute value (number of points, or standard deviation). You can import point clouds in formats including DP, E57, FLS, FWS, LAS, LAZ, PTS, PTX and XYZ. There are tools for cropping point clouds and vector models and to create plans, multiple sections, elevations and scaled ortho images. You can export to DAE, DXF, IFC or OBJ for further processing, e.g. in CAD. The Pro version includes batch processing for both converting point clouds to vector models and for exporting to other formats. Try the newly released 1.1 version of Pointfuse Pro, free for 14 days or 10 exports: http://pointfuse.com/get-pointfuse/.
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