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  1. My anti virus and firewall switched off.. How to setting allow port 27000-27009 on computer ? Please help me Thanks..
  2. This solution just to trial license.. While I ask how to run ArcGIS with one license for multiple computers? I have license Arcgis 10.3 and I want some computers with Arcgis connect to my computer (My license is used together at a time when the same) Please help me Thanks..
  3. Hey guys, I want to ask you about make Arc Desktop 10.3 Standard Concurrent Use to be used multi user.. my Arcgis successfull installed and working (computer 1).. but when I to try in other computer (computer 2) connect to (computer 1) with license belonging computer 1 This my step: Arc Administrator --> License Manager --> Browse --> Choice computer 1 --> Apply Result: When Arcgis try to working --> show text: "Computer 1" does not have a valid License Manager. Please enter a valid License Manager Server. Please help me to get solve that problem Thanks
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