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  1. gelogical data of Poland ;D quite rich data http://baza.pgi.gov.pl/ Enjoy!
  2. I don't know the "FUSION" software, but ENVI Lidar has, a automate process of extraction of vegetation, buildings and energetic lines, and SAGA GIS also can do this kinds of things... try ENVI its faster;D
  3. Thank you all comrades very much for reply! exactly, it is useless, but some "municipal office" want DGN, with looks exactly as in the mxd composition... silly, but it is true i already tried that tool... but not in such efficient way, big thanks! Youtube is a still great source of knowledge ;D Again BIG THANKS for your advices!
  4. Hey Comrades! I have that issue, and I don't know how to solve it... I know about 2 methods : 1 export mxd layout to vector pdf and next to dwg and next to DGN, 2 export mxd to ai (adobe illustrator) next to dwg and to DGN. Do you know any ideas how to bite that cookie?
  5. If you are doing in arcgis: 1. check topolgy, if errors repair them . 2. Use feature to polygon tool. (this tool converting CAD annotations as labels if needed) 3. Enjoy
  6. Hi, my name is Grzegorz (eng. version - Gregory), I was studying Land Management and now I am working in the Urban Planning studio in Poland. I am interesting in spatial corelation of terrorism and similar things. So, I hope to see positive freaks as I am and good luck to everybody
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